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Neo-Skin by Aerolase helps treat melasma, hyperpigmentation, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, rosacea, redness, and veins.

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NeoSkin by Aerolase is a highly effective treatment for melasma and hyperpigmentation that works for all skin types. Melasma is a complex condition that involves several factors, including epidermal melanin, dermal melanin, and a vascular component. The Neo laser system addresses these factors to achieve comprehensive clearance and prevent a recurrence. The laser energy is delivered into the dermis and epidermis, breaking up melanin deposits while shutting down vasculature and inflammation. The Neo system can help patients achieve clearance with fewer treatments versus other topical agents, which may require long-term treatment. The treatment typically takes 15-20 minutes and is safe for all forms of melasma. This procedure does not require skin cooling, anesthesia, or direct contact with the skin.

For patients who want an accelerated clearance of their condition, the Neo can be combined with a peel in a single treatment session. First, the Neo helps to break up the epidermal and dermal pigment. Then, the peel may be applied to speed up the cellular turnover of the epidermis. While the Neo may be used alone as a single treatment, the combination of these two treatments offers patients a great “one-two punch” to clear their condition.

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NeoSkin by Aerolase is a cutting-edge treatment that takes rejuvenation and tightening to new heights. With just one device and one treatment, NeoSkin can address a variety of skin concerns, including tone and texture, redness, pigmentation, and laxity. By using 650-microsecond laser energy, which is attracted to melanin, hemoglobin, and water in the skin, NeoSkin can safely and effectively renew the skin’s natural, youthful glow. NeoSkin can accomplish what previously took numerous treatments and methods. 

As we age, our skin can undergo various changes. Skin quality may worsen, with enlarged pores, texture, and lax skin. Unwanted changes such as sun damage, age spots, and acne may also occur. Whether you’re looking to restore your clear, youthful skin or prevent signs of aging, NeoSkin can help you achieve your skin goals. NeoSkin’s 650-microsecond energy targets water in the dermis to stimulate collagen production, reducing fine lines, pores, and tightening skin. NeoSkin can also target melanin and hemoglobin to clear brown pigment, clear vascular lesions, and suppress inflammation. This procedure is tailored to address each patient’s specific needs and typically takes 20-60 minutes, depending on the treatment area and condition. 

NeoSkin treatment is highly safe, effective, and tolerable for all skin types, and it doesn’t require skin cooling, anesthetic, or even touching the skin.

NeoSkin for rejuvenation and skin tightening can also be combined with CoolPeel, which is a superficial ablative laser and/or SkinPen Microneedling for even greater results. 

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NeoSkin is a comprehensive treatment that targets multiple skin conditions, including rosacea, redness, veins, and broken capillaries. As we age, it’s common to experience redness and the formation of veins and broken capillaries in the skin. Rosacea is a chronic disorder that causes facial flushing and the gradual development of persistent facial redness and spider-like blood vessels, often accompanied by inflammatory papules, pustules, and swelling. Many people manage their symptoms by avoiding certain foods and alcohol or using expensive and time-consuming cosmetic camouflage. The NeoSkin treatment can also address diffuse redness due to factors like exposure to UV rays and lifestyle. Aerolase Neo uses deep-penetrating energy to suppress inflammation and coagulate unwanted veins and broken capillaries, which are extinguished by the body’s natural immune response.

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Neo-Skin by Aerolase helps treat melasma, hyperpigmentation, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, rosacea, redness, and veins.

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Neo-Derm by Aerolase helps treat psoriasis, Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (also known as ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or beard bumps), and nail fungus.

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Neo-Vascular by Aerolase helps treat facial and leg veins, angiomas, and port wine stains. It is an effective and safe treatment for visible blood vessels.

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Neo-Clear by Aerolase helps treat acne and acne scars. The Neo-Clear treatment is safe and effective for all skin types, ages, and types of acne.

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Neo-Skin of Color by Aerolase is gentle, safe, and effective, providing complete skin rejuvenation for all skin types and tones.

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