Male Hormone Replacement Therapy In Manchester, Nh Test


Male Hormone Replacement Therapy In Manchester, Nh Test

Explore the benefits of male hormone optimization at The Alchemy Clinic. We understand the importance of balanced hormones, especially testosterone, in influencing physical and mental well-being. Our approach integrates a thorough diagnostic evaluation and personalized care plans to achieve optimal hormonal balance. Whether your focus is on enhancing physical strength, sharpening mental acuity, or restoring your overall vitality, our programs are meticulously designed to meet your unique needs. If you’re experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, book an appointment at The Alchemy Clinic to explore how hormone replacement therapy can benefit you.

Men and Hormone Imbalance

It is common for male hormonal levels to decline with age. Hypogonadism is a disorder that causes the male body to produce an insufficient amount of testosterone. Male Hormone Replacement Therapy treats this condition by using endogenous testosterone. Testosterone is required for the growth of male sex organs and other male characteristics, such as facial hair.

What are the symptoms of Low T or hypogonadism?

By restoring testosterone to its optimal level, Male Hormone Replacement Therapy restores sexual function, prevents osteoporosis, boosts energy, and strengthens muscles.


Increased Energy Levels:

Testosterone aids in energy regulation, and low levels can contribute to fatigue and reduced energy. Testosterone therapy may help improve energy levels, reducing feelings of tiredness and lethargy.

Improved Mood and Mental Well-being:

Studies suggest testosterone therapy may improve mood and cognitive abilities. Men with low testosterone levels may experience improvements in mood, motivation, and mental clarity.

Increased Muscle Mass and Strength:

Testosterone is a key factor in muscle development. Testosterone therapy can contribute to the growth of lean muscle mass and help improve strength, especially when combined with regular resistance training.

Enhanced Libido and Sexual Function:

Testosterone is crucial for sexual health, and low levels can contribute to a decline in libido and sexual function. Testosterone therapy may help improve sexual desire, erectile function, and overall sexual satisfaction.

Bone Density Maintenance:

Testosterone is significant for maintaining bone health. Insufficient levels of this hormone can lead to a decrease in bone density, heightening the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. Undergoing testosterone therapy can assist in preserving or even enhancing bone density, thereby diminishing the likelihood of bone-related issues.

Improved Cardiovascular Health:

Some research suggests that testosterone therapy may have cardiovascular benefits, including improving lipid profiles and lowering the risk of cardiovascular events in men with low testosterone.

Fat Mass Reduction:

Testosterone influences body composition, and low levels may contribute to an increase in body fat. Testosterone therapy may help reduce fat mass and improve body composition.

Types of Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Synthetic vs Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)


Synthetic Testosterone:

Side Effects of Male Hormone Replacement Therapy



Injectable Program:

Initial Cost
$ 250
  • $199/month, which INCLUDES the cost of your medication and injectable kit.
  • Medication will be shipped to you for at home injections.
  • Initial Labs are $200.
  • Labs are rechecked at three months and are an additional cost of $100; then, as needed, based on your symptoms.
  • All labs are drawn in our office and not included in monthly fees.

BHRT Biote Pelleting Program:

Initial Cost
$ 250 goes toward the program.
  • Cost: Initial pellet insertion is $1450, then subsequent pelleting every 5-6 months based on symptoms is $900.
  • Includes second visit for lab review, plan of care for pellets
  • Includes all follow-up visits for pelleting and pellets
  • Visit for recheck and labs for pelleting at week 5-6 weeks post insertion;
  • Dim SGS+ Hormone + Detox Dietary Supplement included with your first pelleting session.
  • Initial and first follow-up labs are included in the cost above.

Save $50 per month with combined BHRT and hormone therapies.

  • In-Office Medical Weight Loss for the first four weeks – $750 for the first month and then $350 monthly thereafter.
  • At-Home Medical Weight Loss – $350/month.




In most cases, yes. TRT is often essential for men dealing with conditions like hypogonadism, thyroid issues, or andropause, which affect testosterone levels. Continuation of TRT is generally advised as long as it provides positive effects and no significant side effects are observed.
Absolutely. It’s common and safe to use ED treatments in conjunction with TRT. Additionally, treatments like the P-Shot are available to further aid in managing ED.
Yes, TRT can be a valuable component in a weight loss strategy, especially when paired with consistent exercise and a balanced diet. By normalizing testosterone levels, it aids in preserving lean muscle mass and enhancing fat burning.
Regular follow-up appointments are essential to monitor hormone levels, adjust treatment as needed, and address any concerns or changes in symptoms.
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