Gentlemen’s Elixir in Manchester, NH

Becoming The Well Kept Man – Cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular amongst men, so why not define yourself like never before with TAC’s range of uniquely tailored favorites!
Gentlemen’s Elixir


Lighten your scowl and erase time with Botox

P Shot

Unlock your full potential: Experience the power of the P -Shot for enhanced sexual performance and confidence.

Hair Restoration

Use your own blood with PRP injections to regrow and strengthen that thinning hair


Unleash your handsome potential: Transform your appearance with the Aerolase laser and get rid of those red and brown spots on your face.


supercharge your vitality and ignite your strength, stamina, and confidence with testosterone replacement therapy.

Medical Weight-loss

Having a hard time losing weight? Let’s jumpstart your journey to achieving your desired weight loss goals. We understand that hormones play a vital role in weight loss, so both will be addressed in this consultation.

Diamond Glow

(The Ultimate Pore Cleanser)

Don’t let the name fool you! This medical facial was designed for you to get rid of the grit and grime while giving your skin a refreshed appearance.

Skin Peels

So you’ve deep cleansed your pores with Diamond Glow (and it looks great) but you’re looking for something that works a little deeper? Elevate your grooming game with PRX peel for men or a VI Peel and embrace a fresh, rejuvenated look.
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