The Alchemy Exchange Membership

Why Choose The Alchemy Clinic?

We understand that every patient’s weight loss journey is unique. Each patient requires a thorough evaluation, individualized treatment plans, and ongoing support. We are committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals, avoid setbacks, and celebrate your successes along the way.

Membership Disclosures

Before you join our Medical Weight Loss Membership program, please read the following disclosures:

Minimum Commitment:

The minimum commitment for the Medical Weight Loss Membership is eight weeks and can be canceled thereafter. Members are responsible for discontinuing their membership. Cancellation must be completed in writing and submitted via email at least 30 days in advance.

Baseline Labs:

Required prior to starting the medical weight loss injectable program. Patients are financially responsible for labs deemed necessary by their provider.

No Guaranteed Results:

Weight loss is not guaranteed.

Nutritional Support:

Provided, but we are not certified dietitians. If these services are required, patients will be referred accordingly.


We do not accept insurance or submit for prior authorizations.

Payment Plans:

The Cherry Payment Plan cannot be used for recurring monthly payments.

No Refunds:

There are no refunds for oral or injectable medications.

Medication Refills:

Patients must notify the office of any medication refill requests via phone or Portal System at least one week in advance.

The Alchemy Exchange Membership

  • The Alchemy Exchange is a loyalty membership program carefully curated to meet your medical aesthetic needs and allows you to indulge in all of the services we have to offer.
  • Membership cost is $175/month added to your TAC savings bank As a member you accumulate funds into your Alchemy Exchange savings bank that are available for use at any time of the year.
  • As an Alchemy Exchange member, we share a commitment to you by offering you the following:
  • 10% all skincare products offered at TAC
  • $1 off per unit of Botox® or Dysport®
  • 10% off energy based devices (excluding AviClear)
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