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The choice for acne treatment is clear, choose AviClear Laser!

Introducing the latest in acne treatment solutions. AviClear Laser is now available at The Alchemy Clinic and we are thrilled to be one of the first practices in NH to offer this revolutionary technology. AviClear Laser is the first and only FDA cleared energy device used to treat mild to severe forms of acne. Unlike other acne treatments AviClear Laser specifically targets the source of acne – the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for oil production. With just three quick and painless 30 minute treatment sessions patients are able to achieve the desired results of clear skin!

Prior to AviClear Laser, acne clearance has often required a prescription medication such as Accutane (Isotretinoin) which has a multitude of systemic side effects. But patients now have a safe and effective option with AviClear Laser without the fear of unwanted side effects.

Clinical research proves that “The Future of Clear Skin” belongs to AviClear Laser. Current clinical studies reveal that after 3 treatment sessions, 90% of patients had visible improvement in their acne at 6 months, and 92% improvement at 12 months, confirming the ongoing improvement in acne suppression and skin quality.

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AviClear Laser is also a treatment for everyone! No matter your age, your skin type or skin color, AviClear Laser can safely and effectively treat your acne at the source!

In order to optimize the patient experience the treatment is enhanced with AviCool which is a contact cooling system for a safe and comfortable experience.


Acne Facts

Did you know that acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting more than 50 millions people annually? While acne begins in puberty and effects many young adults, acne can occur at any stage of life and may continue into our 30-40s (affecting up to 15% of women).

Untreated acne not only causes anxiety and depression in patients, it can cause immense inflammation leading to tissue remodeling and scarring that can be difficult to treat without interventions.

Whether you are struggling with teen acne, adult acne, hormonal acne, or scarring from previous bouts of acne, The Alchemy Clinic can create customized treatment plans that will get you on the path to having healthy, rejuvenated, and blemish-free skin


AviClear Laser is colorblind, meaning it is safe to be used on all skin types and tones and on all types of acne ranging from inflammatory acne to hormonal acne. AviClear Laser is a great option for patients seeking long term, drug free treatment of acne and for those who have had difficulty managing their acne with traditional acne therapies.

While reducing existing acne, clinical trials have shown that AviClear Laseris effective in reducing further episodes of breakouts while reducing acne scarring. AviClear Laser has been recognized as the “Best Laser Treatment for Acne” by Cosmopolitan and the “Future of Beauty” by Elle.

AviClear Laser works by specifically targeting the sebaceous glands and breaks down organisms producing bacteria.

Talk with our providers about estimated AviClear Laser costs.The Alchemy Clinic offers different payment options to make the treatment affordable for interested patients.

During an AviClear Laser treatment, patients can expect the treatment area to be prepped by cleansing and once the treatment begins a slight snapping sensation can be felt, similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin, but not overtly painful. AviClear Laser requires no anesthetic. Instead, the device’s AviCool™ tip cools the skin to improve your comfort and reduce irritation.

No! The only post treatment care that we recommend is keeping your skin clean with a gentle cleanser and using sunscreen for at least 7 days after the treatment. This means that you can easily go back to your normal activities after your treatment.

Post AviClear Laser treatments it is important to cleanse and exfoliate your skin regularly. DiamondGlow treatments can actively exfoliate and cleanse the skin from bacteria and epidermal overgrowth. If there is residual scarring from inflammatory changes in the skin or from picking, then radiofrequency microneedling and/or CO2 laser are the treatments of choice for collagen stimulation and resurfacing.

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